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From Cristobal Mondragon

Owner of Queen Bee Cleaning and Creator of the 7Figure Cleaning Business Blueprint

What if you could stop only thinking about financial freedom and a business of your own and actually find something guaranteed to work…and start to enjoy the liberation, the peace of mind, and the delight of total amazing business success in a cleaning business?

The video and information on this page you are looking at can change your life. Just as it has for hundreds of others who have searched and searched for success. Your hands on the keyboard right now have the ability to bring you instant relief and the financial freedom most people want. Here’s how––simply get my Seven-Figure Cleaning Business Blueprint.

Some people say it is time to do something that works––and my blueprint will do that for you…

You Can Become Financially Free And Succeed

Don’t Take Our Word for It... Here's What a Few Successful Students Have Said

IIt feels wonderful! We knew this business could work but we didn't realize it would be so fast.

“To be working for yourself in your business is a tremendous accomplishment and we look forward to all that comes with it.”



IIf he was able to do over 4 million in revenue I could do the same by following his lead since he has already done it...

"I saw Cristobal on UpFlip and his business model intrigued me. I looked him up more and saw he had a course..."

Ezra Gheriani


IIt feels wonderful! We knew this business could work but we didn't realize it would be so fast.

“To be working for yourself in your business is a tremendous accomplishment and we look forward to all that comes with it.”

Tierra Davis

Why This Course

Starting your own cleaning business can be challenging. You need to find customers, hire employees, and figure out how to run the business on autopilot.

It’s hard enough starting a business, but it’s even harder when you’re doing it all yourself.

The Seven-Figure Cleaning Business Blueprint takes all the guesswork out of starting and running your own successful cleaning business. This course includes everything you need to know, from finding customers and hiring employees to scale your business quickly. Plus, there’s a 30 day money back guarantee, so you can’t lose!

Still Need More Proof?

Here Are Six Reasons Why…

The Seven-Figure Cleaning Business Blueprint is your fastest and easiest path to success:
  1. Learn From an Expert

    Cristobal Mondragon built a 7 figure business before he taught others how to do it, unlike many people who write courses without having done what they claim works.

  2. No Fluff

    We'll give you only what you need to succeed in a cleaning business, no fluff. Time is not wasted on fluff. You only need what works and nothing more. Isn’t that refreshing?

  3. No Missing “Pieces”

    It’s imperative that students have the right information and skills to succeed in the cleaning business. Many courses leave critical information out, leaving students scratching their heads wondering, “What else do I need?”

  4. Rocket Scientists Not Required

    ANYONE CAN SUCCEED using the Seven-Figure Cleaning Business Blueprint. If you can mop a floor you can get the success you need with this program. No prior knowledge is required. You don’t need a college education. All you need is the Blueprint and a desire to succeed. 120 students have already proven it.

  5. No Bank Robbery Required LOL

    Your investment in this program is less than the cost of a short vacation so anyone can afford it. Imagine not just having the momentary rush of a great vacation but feeling that happiness year in and year out from a thriving cleaning business.

  6. Proven Methods That Would Take Years for You to Figure Out

    Everything you’re told to do in this course works because it has been tested time and time again. For example, the advertising copy we have already written for you is gaining new customers for our students every single day. (You’d probably pay a copywriter $5,000 or more for these ads- often with no guarantee they will work)

Who Will Be Your Instructor?

Have you been wanting to start or grow your cleaning company & reach your first million in sales,
  • Still doing in-person estimates?
  • Are you stuck with cheap customers?
  • Don't know how to get high paying customers?
  • Don't know how to hire/train cleaners?
  • Don't have an effective sales script?

Then this is for you! No matter what level you’re at right now.

I scaled my cleaning business to 7 figures & now my mission in life is to help people like you, do the same!

If I can do it, you can do it! See you at the top!


What You'll Learn

My 10-module course covers everything you need for cleaning business success. I’ve figured it out for you after spending years building a successful cleaning business… I’ve already helped 120 students get the same success you need. And here’s some good news––with my system, you don’t pay thousands of dollars in royalty and franchise fees…

Acquiring New Clients

The easiest and fastest way to have an ongoing stream of customers ready to do business with you now.

Hiring Employees

The key to hiring the best people at one-third the cost of what other cleaning businesses pay.

Run On Autopilot

The single most effective way to successfully run your business on autopilot.

Scale Very Fast

Five proven but simple to follow steps that will help scale your business very fast.

Avoid Fines

If you don’t know the regulations, you could needlessly be paying thousands of dollars in penalties and fines.

Google Local Services

You’ll learn the secret of Google local service ads. (Where 80% of Chris's traffic comes from).

Establishing Systems

Using the right systems keeps your business running smoothly, you will get access to all my systems.


You will learn the best way to use sites like Google Ads, Yelp, Craigslist, and Facebook to grow your customer base.


Learn how to overcome customer objections, close sales, and encourage repeat business.

And So Much More!

A Closer Look at What’s in The Course

You won’t find any of the usual “fluff” in this course It is a course for doers, not dreamers!

Will The 7-Figure Cleaning Business Blueprint Work For Me?

Yes! Watch How Three Ordinary People Who Knew Nothing About Starting a Cleaning Business Gained Financial Freedom
Before the course I was doing $5,000 – $6,000 a month, and just last month I did $11,000 Lawrence Haynes
My income changed and I’m on course to making over $200,000 this year all because of the course – Hasan Powell
I created a new revenue stream when I learned where to find Airbnb clients from Chris’s course” – Chuckie Owens

Over $5 Million In Total Sales

Still On The Fence?

Hear from my students on what they think about this program

By Joining Today...


Google Local Service Ads

Some call it Chris’s secret weapon for getting potential customers to raise their hands and want to do business with you. Eighty percent of Chris’s leads come from these.

Value - $797

Airbnb Power Pack

Discover how to use AirBnb to get you an ongoing stream of recurring customers. Airbnb is an online house rental marketplace. AirBnB customers are high-paying customers.

Value - $797

Lifetime Membership

You get lifetime access to my private Networking Group, where you are supported by other like-minded students. You can ask questions and help motivate each other.

Value - $1,997

Increase Your Reviews

A potential customer is more likely to consider buying from or working with your company if they see your company has a 5-star rating on Google or other search engines.

Value - $297

Monthly Webinars

Take your business to the next level faster and easier. Join Chris to get the latest information and get all your questions answered. Chris usually charges $297 per/hour for personal advice.

Value - $997

4 Success Guidebooks

1: Hiring & training manuals in English.
2: Employee company manual English & Spanish.​
3: Employee safety manual English & Spanish.​
4: Cleaning procedures English & Spanish.​

Value - $1,997

Total Bonus Worth $6,882

Make The Smart, Life-Changing Investment Now

Pick the Payment Plan That’s Right for You Before the Course Price Goes Up!


  • The Core Training – $3,997

  • Website Creation and Onsite SEO – $497

  • Marketing Strategies – $1,997

  • Sales (includes Sales Script) – $797

  • Google Local Service Ads – $797

  • Airbnb Power Pack – $797

  • Lifetime 7-Figure Cleaning Business Blueprint Club Membership – $1,997

  • Increase Your Online Reviews – $297

  • Monthly Webinar & Open Office Hours – $997

  • 4 Success Guidebooks – $1,997

TOTAL PRICE – $14,170




3 Payments of $401

  • Access to all new & updated 10 modules
  • Lifetime access to our private founder group
  • All four new bonuses
  • Access to all updated copy & paste templates
  • Monthly webinars




  • Access to all new & updated 10 modules
  • Lifetime access to our private founder group
  • All four new bonuses
  • Access to all updated copy & paste templates
  • Monthly webinars


30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Get a prompt no questions asked refund within the 30 days OR if you don’t find my service top-notch OR even if you simply don’t like the font I use online. I only want happy customers.

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DISCLAIMER: The sales figures stated are from my cleaning company. Please understand the results are not typical, I'm not implying you’ll duplicate them. I use these sales figures for example purpose only. Your results will vary & depend on many factors including but not limited to your background & work ethic. All business entails risk as well as consistent effort & action can get massive results.

*The 1-1 zoom meetings are separate from the course

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